Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Buy Projection Radio Alarm Clock by Philip

Philips AJ5030 is a multifunctional clock deserve your collection. This clock has to be seen from anywhere. The Philips AJ5030 projection clock also features Sleep Timer. Sleeptimer lets you decide how long you want to listen to music, or a radio station of your choice, before falling asleep. Simply set a time limit (up to 1 hour) and choose a CD *(see note) or radio station to listen to while you drift off to sleep. The set will continue to play for the selected duration and then automatically switch to a power-efficient and silent stand-by mode. Sleep Timer lets you fall asleep to your favourite CD or radio DJ without counting sheep, or worrying about wasting electricity.
Buy Projection Radio Alarm Clock by Philip
It has never been so easy to check time in the night with the Philips AJ5030 Projection Clock. The mains-powered projector clock can project the time on the ceiling or wall, so you can get the time with a glimpse of your eyes. The projected Red Text are bright enough for you to get the time with a glimpse yet dim enough not to disturb your sleep. Please don't confuse with other projection clocks selling cheap below £10, with those you have to press the button to project the time but by the time you managed to find the button you are already wide-awake. This Philips time projector is always on so there is no need to move your hand nor press any buttons. Technical Details
  • Flexible projection angle for easy viewing anywhere, Adjustable focus, flip control to reverse projected image
  • Digital tuning with preset stations for extra convenience
  • Gentle wake for a pleasant waking experience, Repeat alarm for additional snooze
  • Wake up to a melody, buzzer or FM radio
  • Sleep timer helps you to drop off to your favourite music or FM radio channel
The alarm clock is also ideal for the interior decoration of your room.

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